Actor Reviews

Actor Reviews

"Power is a talent to watch."  Female Arts (Darker the Night)

"Actress Eliza Power steals the show with her interpretation, managing to inject an unsympathetic character with passion and humanity." Spoonfed (The Shape of Things)

"Eliza Power immerses herself in the role of Joanna, smoothly shifting between Joanna’s mood changes." Female Arts (Another Girl).

"Power imbues the character of Jo with a gravitas borne of worldly experience... a complex portrayal." Female Arts (Boil)

"The chemistry between the two is very believable, with Power and Baldwin successfully establishing a frustrating "will-they-won't-they?" dynamic which lasts far longer than we want it to, much in the vein of early Lois and Clark." Views From The Gods (Darker The Night)

"Power demonstrated immense versatility as an actress as she switched from robot to human in the blink of an eye." Theatre Junkie Blog (Another Girl)

"Eliza Power impressed tremendously...Her character deftly flipped from psycho trollope to robot to tomboy human within a 20 minute piece." - Ones to Watch in Theatre Junkie (Another Girl)

"The performances are remarkable, with Adam Hipkin and Eliza Power doing a particularly splendid job as a tortured yet amusing married couple." Broadway Baby (Feathers)

 "Eliza Power really worked the dialogue to maximum effect with her sensual performance and gave very good characterisation marked by insight, managing to convey the feelings of the fractured Alice." British Theatre Guide (Closer)

"The women are the nymphomaniacs Aristophanes intended, especially Power who revels in her role as the sophisticated sex bomb Calonice." Watford Observer (Lysistrata)

"An absolutely gorgeous performance by Eliza Power. She's every inch a queen."  Onomatepeia online (In Souliloquy)