***** Female Arts (Another Girl); ***** The Half (Feathers)  ***** Broadway Baby (Feathers)  ***** Camden Gazette (Feathers) ***** Islington Tribune (Feathers) **** Views From The Gods (Darker The Night) **** Three Weeks (Feathers) **** Act Drop (Feathers) **** Theatre Junkie (Another Girl) **** Theatre Geek (Experiment IV)

" It keeps us engaged all the way through, looking out for the next breadcrumb thrown to us by Power, and attempting to piece all the clues together...Darker The Night is a well-written piece, delivered with style by a cast and crew who clearly get Power's vision. An intriguing new play." **** Views From The Gods (Darker The Night).

"Eliza Power’s Darker The Night is her most accomplished work to date...Power has woven together a tale of cults, psychological manipulation and the power of belief in a way that’s familiar yet also very fresh....A modern day Brontë who melds the notion of the supernatural with the better angels (and devils) of our nature...Power is a talent to watch." Michael Davis FEMALE ARTS (Darker The Night)

"A quirky and humorous piece, but also tragic, exploring how difficult it is to get over someone and the lengths people will go to, because they are scared to be alone." ***** (Another Girl)

"Very funny and clever piece of writing...literally an electrifying start to the evening." Theatre Junkie **** (Another Girl)

"Dialogue is sharp, utterly convincing and wholly owned… a welcome change to the avant-garde which is often Fringe fare." Catherine Meek, Three Weeks ****(Feathers)

"Sharp, slick and shocking drama…This taut drama, based on one of Ovid’s Metamorphoses, captures your attention from the outset… The script is incredibly sharp, funny and moving." Deb Hamilton, Broadway Baby ***** (Feathers)

"The impressive cast deliver a refreshingly honest, emotive and at times mysterious play...FEATHERS thrillingly captures the dark twisted impact of how one’s tormented past can infiltrate the present.”

Camden Gazette ***** (Feathers)

"Power's preternaturally mature debut play: mordently witty, intelligent update of Ovid's Metamorphoses." The Stage (Feathers)

“From the Edinburgh festival 2010, by the promising writer Eliza Power...a perfect union between dance and drama, which show’s true sensuality.” Paneaqua (Feathers)

"With sibling rivalries, sexual tensions and an eye-averting rape scene…Eliza Power’s script, based on Ovid, shows an intelligent handling of the tale of two sisters’ doomed relationship with each other." David Pollock, The Scotsman (Feathers)

"This highly promising script is full of excellent subtext… The dialogue is concise…every sentence is charged with meaning and thought." Remote Goat (Feathers)

Eliza Power’s hilarious apocalyptic piece starts the evening with a great twist, where a mad doctor is intent on building an army of soldiers with men giving birth (this will always be funny to women!) Theatre Geek (Experiment IV)