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Eliza is a London born Irish screenwriter, playwright and film director. 


She is represented by James Little at the Screen Talent Agency (UK & USA).


She is a member of the Writer's Guild of Great Britain and SAG AFTRA in the USA.

Television series in development:

COW TOWN - Optioned to Sprout Pictures (2021)

THE NEW YOU- Co-written with Tim John (2021)

MAMA KNOWS BEST - Web series optioned to The Magic Toyshop (2021)

Films in development:

THE TORTURED ARTIST - Co-written with Pete Reid, optioned to Elevated Pictures/Stefan Boehm (2021)

A HAND TO HOLD - New Planet Films (2021)

34 WEEKS - Kate Nieland (2021)

GHOSTED - Carraig Films (2021)


Previous films:

AINGEAL - TEAfilms (2019)

Plays have included:

FEATHERS (Edinburgh Fringe Festival/Sydney Fringe Festival/Ambigu Berlin)

DARKER THE NIGHT (Etcetera Theatre, London/The Hen and Chickens Theatre, London)

ANOTHER GIRL (Workshop Theatre New York, Etcetera Theatre London)

PAPER HOUSE (The Hen and Chickens Theatre, London)

WEIRD BEARD (Tristan Bates Theatre, London)

TILT (Village Theatre, Atlanta, USA)

Eliza is the artistic director of the Short Cuts Festival, based at The Hen and Chickens Theatre, London.

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